#Happy Independence day!!

Independence from passive littering!!                                                                  Zulkif Shaikh Co-founder, Sanjeevani S3 Littering, or throwing waste anywhere you see fit is a very Mumbai problem. Every day we see drains and gutters choked with plastic, paper and even biodegradable waste. On our daily commute we see fruit, vegetable and animal waste strewn around everywhere and since we’re so used to it, go about […]

Happy World Earth day!

Moving towards circular economy. -Siddharth Singh Solid waste management is a sector which finds itself in the limelight after the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan gained momentum in the country. It’s rather amusing that we did not think of waste as a complication for our cities and villages until it was put right in front of our faces. It is acceptable for an average person […]

Sanjeevani S3 #BeatPlasticPollution

THE QUANDARY OF PLASTICS ZULKIF M. SHAIKH Date: 5th June, 2018Co-Founder – Sanjeevani S3. India is the host for the 2018 World Environment Day on June 5th.This year’s theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. With this article let us make an attempt to understand, what is plastic, where does it come from and what impact did it have on man and […]